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Immigration and Human Rights lawyer, Aileen Josephs, quoted in a story published in the daily "Opinión" from Florida, in the United States, talks about the work carried out by Hispanic journalist Mariela Salgado, in her reports on the situation of people injured and mutilated by a train in Chiapas, México

In the article, the lawyer describes the professionalism and sensitivity of the reporter during her investigative report for "Sin Fronteras", entitled "Mutilations in Chiapas".

Josephs and Salgado have worked together, not only on this story, but they have also collaborated on such impacting stories as the case of Petrona Tomas, in addition to defending the rights of illegal immigrants.

Mariela Salgado has worked for several media. She is a journalist that not only seeks out the news, but also becomes part of the story she covers. She has received several awards for her achievements, including the Dalton Pen award for journalistic excellence in 2005.

The NBC Network has also given Mariela Salgado its "Ovation" award and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has given her recognition for her special coverage during the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.










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