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Mariela Salgado was one of the anchors during the uninterrupted coverage by NBC/Telemundo Network in the days following the attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and Pennsylvania.

The journalist also prepared one of the most profound reports showing the realities of Islam. With this story, Mariela Salgado became one of the first Hispanic professionals to penetrate within the enigmatic world of Islam.


In provinces like San Raymundo, most inhabitants work producing fireworks as their main source of livelihood.

Children also take part in the dangerous practice, which often results in serious burns or mutilations. The families work in rudimentary conditions from their homes, converted into makeshift factories without any measures to guarantee their safety.

They live day and night with the fumes from the gunpowder, flammable substances, explosives and other toxins.


This is the story of Petrona Tomas, a young teenage girl who was sold to a stranger by her own father in her native Guatemala.

Mariela Salgado reveals in this report how Petrona was able to flee Guatemala and cross the border into the United States, but only to find even more hardship. During her trip, she was beaten and abused by individuals involved in illegal border crossing known as “the coyotes.”

Once in Florida, Petrona gave birth to a premature baby girl who died. Petrona was accused of murdering her baby and tried as an adult in a Florida Court.

Petrona was in prison until Immigration and Human Rights lawyer, Aileen Josephs defended her and proved her innocence.

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