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Mariela Salgado has worked in many aspects of journalism. Many have described her as a journalist that not only seeks out the news, but also becomes part of the story. She has received several recognitions for her achievements, including the Dalton Pen Award for journalistic excellence in 2005.

NBC Network has also given Mariela Salgado its “Ovation” Award and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences has recognized her special coverage for the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.



Walter Larrosa of the prestigious Ocean Drive magazine, which highlights top personalities who are making an impact in the United States, interviewed Mariela Salgado.
In the article, Mariela talks about her childhood and her work with NBC network.



In collaboration with the Chilean community, Mariela participated in the Telethon as a host to raise funds for the handicap children of Chile.

On that evening, she demonstrated her love for children and the needy of her native country.


In the Opinion section of The Palm Beach Post, Immigration and Human Rights lawyer, Aileen Josephs, mentions the work carried out by Mariela Salgado in Chiapas, Mexico. Ms. Josephs’ article depicts what the reporter described as the crude reality suffered by Central American immigrants who leave their countries in search of a better life in the United States.

In the midst of poverty and starvation in their countries, they make the desperate decision of crossing the border by rail. They jump onto moving trains headed for Chiapas, which supposedly will take them to the United States. During the sad journey, many of them end up mutilated because they simply fall sleep and fall off the moving train. However, as seen on Salgado’s report, without their limbs, they still find hope.

In this article, Josephs describes the professionalism and sensitivity of the reporter during her investigation for Telemundo’s magazine show, “Sin Fronteras”, entitled "Mutilations in Chiapas".

Josephs and Salgado have worked together in various human-interest stories in the past.


Mariela is a mentor in this organization, which helps high-risk teenage girls achieve their dreams and find the motivation to work for a better future.

The reporter was invited to become part of the group of accomplished professional women who participate on the program. For more information about Women of Tomorrow, refer to this website address below.



In an interview with “La Tercera” newspaper, Mariela Salgado shares her experience working for the NBC/Telemundo news team. The reporter takes advantage of this opportunity to stay in touch with her country and her Chilean community.

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